The Short Movie

A film by Gabriel Beitia


TABACALERA 3The line that separates reality from fiction, insanity from sanity. Each and everyone of us lies on one side or another, and the distance is very short.

Two middle aged women meet in the waiting room of a mental institution. One of them is a very busy businesswoman. The other is a very lonely housewife. Together, they will get close to the line.

Elena has 4 companies and a desirable life, a husband, a lover and an apartment on the coast. Mariví is married to a husband she hardly sees. She has two sons, who she sees at lunchtime and she constantly watches reality shows… Many differences but something in common; both of them are on one side or the other of the line. And it’s easy to be on one side or… the other.

A story about reality disorder and the human’s need to reinvent characters in order to survive. Two women, two lives, the silence and the need for happiness. And above all, the line that line that affects all of us so much. 

It might make you uncomfortable, it might make you laugh or cry, but it will make you think.


‘Insanity is an undefined gift, but in the end it’s a gift…’

Throughout centuries, mind scholars studied the origin and treatment of this evasive and historically contradictory illness. But it will be two women who meet at a psychiatrist’s waiting room who will be responsible for tearing apart all the existing theories, discovering the true origin of insanity… or sanity… because, what does it mean to be crazy? Or to be sane? Aren’t they the same thing?

Human beings have the crying need to invent characters to survive the reality.

LOCAS (CRAZY), the short movie is an adaptation of the play written by José Pascual Abellán, and it has the same title.